2002 Remember When.. . .
The huge white van showed up to be washed at the car wash
After we went to Taki's for breakfast, we drove around because we had too much extra time
Cuppy did her Michael Jackson impression at Frontier
Maureen peed in the weeds
Kloecker almost hit the lady's car; but instead of yelling at Kloecker, she yelled at Libby
At the sleepover we were tickling Cuppy and she kept pleading with us that, "I am not a freshman anymore!"
We tried to play jailbreak
Lindsey was acting like Tarzan while the team was playing jailbreak
We unsuccessfully tried to play light as a feather, stiff as a board
Lindsey thought Katie had a boyfriend named "Raham"
Lindsey got scared and jumped up while we were sleeping and claimed she had a spider on her
The Freshmen started the trend of bringing TV's in the cars on the trips
Rinn walked in on that old lady in McDonalds
We always stopped at the McDonalds in Milesburg
Mrs. V worked at the gas station in Milesburg
The freshmen got wake up calls at 5:30 in the morning - more than once
The freshmen went rollerskating  at the rink next to our hotel at Beast of the East
The freshmen took bubble baths in their hotel tub
We drove through the ghetto on the way to Wilson pool
Jackie, Libby and Colleen "got shot at, went to China and were in jail" all in one day
Tara got in a fight with #15 from Sycamore
Adrienne got 4 kick-outs in one game
Everyone got sunburnt when we played at the outside pool
Rinn had the funniest tan line from her cap
There was a bug on Jenna's plate but she was so hungry and we waited so long for our food that she just flicked it off
Kloecker locked the room keys in the bathroom
All of our suits did not fit so we traded
Moe scared Mal's Grandma with the scream mask, thinking she was in a player's room
We pushed two beds together so we could sleep 5 in a room
Some of the Seniors sat in Mr. Fischer's car and sang television show theme songs
Maureen and Weber stuffed pillows into their clothes so that they could sumo wrestle
We did the steamroller on McCormick's floor
Maureen drank the pool water to take pills that Nina was using for an experiement
Tara could not find her cap, so we all started to search for it. Kaite mentioned that it might be in the back of the car, but it was on her head all along
Lindsey ran down the hill in the park but tripped and fell the rest of the way down
The cashier at Roy Roger's gave Steph his number
Lindsey dove into the shallow pool and hit her head on the bottom
The freshmen got in trouble for sneaking out of their hotel rooms
Veronica's car was decorated with signs and they got out and all had "loser" signs on their forehead
Maureen and Libby put on a show through the McDonald's window
Mr. Fischer got a yellow card at the Hill Tournament
We watched "Elimidate" at McCormick's before the McDowelll game 
We used a certain goalie as our shooting target at practice
Josh didn't ref any of our games
Natalie pushed Mal into the water with a towel around her
Natalie gave our cookies to the Gannon boys
Libby won two sprints versus Souderton without even trying
We finally beat Pottsville
Natalie had a crush on the Pottsville coach
Both Cuppy and Nina clogged the toilet at the Italian restaurant
We burned ourselves with ice and salt on our arms
The guy at Cracker Barrel tried to get Lindsey to go into his office with him
The waiter asked Weber if she wanted her buns toasted and she replied, "You do that here?"
We won our game versus North Penn at States
McDowell lost all of their games at States and took 8th
Veronica left her pillow in the hotel room at States and when we went back to stay another night, the desk clerk returned it to us
We all went to the zoo and "rode the hippos" at States
Lindsey touched Brandon's chest
Mr. Fischer made the team do about 100 25's at practice one day
We had morning practice for a week and Mal forgot her underwear, so she wore a suit all day
Some guy came to Central and asked Natalie if she wanted to buy weight equipment
Lindsey played hole set her first game and she made the funniest facial expressions
Our preseason consisted of riding bikes around the peninsula and having private practice in the Fugate's pool
Courtney wanted to "kill herself in the face."
"Who the hell put swimming in this damn sport?"
The entire team did not want to leave the hotel room because Moulin Rouge was on TV
We walked into WaWa's and they announced that we were a soccer team and we were playing in town
Lindsey got her picture taken with boys for Maureen at Applebee's
Kathryn and Maureen were lost at The Hill School and were talking to the janitor
Katie chipped her tooth..again
We got into a fight with the McDowell boys between quarters of our game
We stopped "the titanic"
We had our own locker room
We won our BOE bracket and they got SECOND
We sat in our hotel room and watched the Senior's movie, "There is not pepperoni"
              2006 Remember When.....

Upper Perkiomen almost stood us up
We invented an alcohol
Pottsville wore really sweet war paint
There was store called "Homo for the Holidays"
Mr. Fischer quizzed us on water polo scenarios
"Flies on sh*t" was Natalie's favorite phrase
Jamie and Amber mooned no one
Our bus driver was 73 and didn't like to go more than 50 mph
The senior room was the place to be
We watched "Parental Control" before every game
Megan added a goal for McDowell
We had pasta parties every week
Liz fell off the bed
Natalie thought her Uggs went well with sweat pants
Texas pride pins were the thing to have
Laura got called for off the bottom three times in one game
Sam went blind in Ohio
The North Allegheny coach went back to his country
Sabrina had SAT prep every day
Libby wrote us all inspirational notes
We had a team meeting at 1 a.m.
Missy broke the Pottsville light fixture and we got threatened by some lady
Tori got hit in the head numerous times in the same practice
We did the wave before our last game at States
Annie and Megan came up with "genius" new plays
Amber found Prep caps in the garbage
Jamie and Laura perfected their secret handshake
Adrienne came home from college to watch our McDowell game
Carrie thought she should have received the MVP award at States
Jamie taught everyone how to "party boy"
Tara yelled at a ref for smack talking our team at Gannon
Madison stole our goggles
We filled out the Applebee's survey and said we like to knit and play with kittens
"Look, Dave came out of the closet"
Natalie loved in and outs
Megan turned into a stalker
Annie told Missy to shut up when Missy offered her water
Tori started a trend with her bright orange earplugs
Amber suggested we sit in a circle and touch one person who made us laugh today
Laura became known as the "Lobster"
We love McRussell <3
Throughout the years, the Villa Water Polo team was faced with many interesting events.  After each season, the team brainstormed these events and put them to paper. 
Here are just a few of the many memories we have.
"Let's get wet!"
Everyday, we would walk into Central pool, sit on the bleachers, and watch the end of PREP'S practice.  Prep would get out of the pool and go down to the locker room to change.  Villa was then suppose to get into the water to start, but no one ever did...not even LIBBY!!!  After about 5 minutes or so, Mr. Vereb would walk over to us and say, "Let's get wet".  This became such a regular thing, that when we saw him begin to walk over, someone would always whisper "Let's get wet" and laugh, and sure enough he would never fail to initiate practice with "Let's get wet"!!!
100 Free, 100 Back, 100 Free, 100 Breast, 100 Free
This was our all too frequent warm-up......that no one EVER did!  It would never change.  EVERY SINGLE DAY WE ARRIVED TO THE PATTERN!!!  The only alteration in this plan was that half way through the year, Mr. Vereb started to write it on the chalkboard for all of us to see.  This occurance happened ONLY because we could never clearly hear what he had to say.  The "acoustics" were horrible, well, that's what we will just say!!
What?!?!?!? The Triangle drill, AGAIN?
The triangle is a very important drill for developing sprinting, passing and catching skills, BUT NOT WHEN YOU HAVE TO DO IT EVERYDAY FOR 25 MINUTES STRAIGHT!!!  That is all I have to say about this.
The Universal Sign for NOT Paying Attention
Because we always did the same drill over and over again, we were faced with reality.....STUFF GETS BORING!!!  Thanks to Tara, (With a "T"), we now have and official sign for not paying attention.  Put your arms up in the air, squeeze them next to your ears, and slowly spin around in circles.  If this is unfamiliar to anyone around you, say, "This is the Universal Sign for not paying attention", and everyone will catch on.
Who Could Forget...
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2010 Remember When

       Abby said Kathryn's cat "looks like a cow"
·      Rachel would not have anything but orange juice to eat or drink
·      We ate grapes for the last time while treading in the tank
·      It was raining so we got out of the pool to go play in the puddles outside
·      Katie had Kate convinced she was stuck in a tree at Bucknell Kate went looking for her
·      Abby flushed the cap she had borrowed from Maggie down the toilet
·      Tornado warnings, lights go out, and Central's parking lots floods
·      Batten's car was shaking on the way home from practice due to bouncing kids
·      The pizza place no longer has mustaches
·      Central's pool was no longer chlorinated, but it was warmer than a hot tub
·      Adrienne got pulled over after making a U-turn
·      Abby brought a huge bag of Swedish Fish to every tournament and the bag was always gone before we 
            left after the tournament
·      The ref. thought Emily had a concussion
·      We played Hazelton and couldn't understand anything the ref. called
·      Mr. Rodriguez had to leave the Hazelton game
·      The Pottsville coach got red carded
·      Adrienne told us the best way to fight back was to pinch
·      There was a drug bust at the Mechanicsburg hotel
·      Sarah pushed the ball out of the goalies hands and scored
·      Lizzie asked the team what in-and-outs were
·      Meghan would always say "Great Shot" after every shot someone took on Emily
·      Sarah promised to be in the pool on time, do all of her lunges, and push-ups if we could have one day 
            with no swimming
·      Xavier told Christine she needed to stop karate chopping
·      The prep boy Christine was guarding went under the water and reappeared on the other side of the pool
·      Maggie was lip-syncing and dancing in the Batten's car
·      Katie was sleeping while sitting up so Abby and Kelsey took pictures and put Swedish fish in her ear
·      We all went and watched Heathers volleyball game in our swim suits and towels at Central
·      Sarah and Christine went swimming in their uniforms on the last day of practice at Villa
·      Lizzie had her own pool at Central
·      At the rest stop, on the way to Reading, Mrs. Batten taught us how to blow into acorns to make them 
·      Rachel sang "Teach Me How to Turtle"
·      Lizzie couldn't  get her cap on so Abby suggested we get her Velcro caps so she could put them on by
·      We fit eight people in a very small elevator
·      Meghan, the girl she was guarding, and the ball all went missing
·      Sarah forgot she was in the field and used two hands
·      Everyone wanted to get in the empty pool during dry land
·      Adrienne sang the Bucknell fight song before she pulled out of her driveway to go to Bucknell Team 
·      We swam in the "Poo" at Central
·      At Kathryn's sleepover we enjoyed moving the life size creepy cardboard cutout of Edward from Twilight 
             around the house to scare people
·      We won our first game
·      Meghan got rolled from the game but didn't know why
·      Maggie's swim cap split up the front while on the bench, yet she still played
·      The ball hit Emily in the face and Coach Fischer caught it on tape
·      Emily's noses bled at the Fairview scrimmage
·      Christine jumped off the bottom and we argued with Xavier, who reffing was the scrimmage, saying the 
             Christine just has really strong legs
·      We all learned how to do the "Adrienne Fischer shot"
·      Rachel's skin started burning
·      Sarah and Lizzie sang TLC's "Waterfalls"
·      The Kilborne game ended in a tie because the refs. didn't feel like playing an overtime
·      Kate "slipped" and fell on Central's pool deck
·      We watched the tape of a game at Kate's house and Adrienne explained what we did wrong and needed 
            to work on
·      We ran Merlin
·      Lizzie had to defend the BIG Pottsville girl
·      Maggie was inside 2M, hanging on the wall, and then told us all she was definitely not inside two
·      At Mechanicsburg, all the freshman took naps on the bleachers
·      The Gannon ref said you could be inside 2M
·      Kate wrestled with the 2M girl in Toledo
·      Emily wore the baseball catcher's mask, that Coach brought her, so she wouldn't be hit in the face 
·      Lizzie gave Mr. Fischer a feather wand because he said he was perfect
·      Abby took a bathroom break, on the interstate
·      No one could see anything in the Behrend pool
·      Sarah and Christine rollerbladed before practice with only one blade
·      Coach got a new name, Bob-Dawg

2009 Remember When

None of us talked
Sarah wore her socks in the pool at practice
Central's pool was 86 degrees, and it steamed up so much you couldn't see the other end of the pool.
The Prep boys had to do in-and-outs because the day before they left one cap out and we picked it up.
Mentally handicapped person came into practice and made good friends with coach.
Emily almost jumped into the pool with her bra on... lucky for her we have Adrienne.
In North Allegheny we went to Montecello's Pizza place and all bought mustaches from the little machine.
Adrienne entered what she called "Munchkin Land" at the Olive Garden.
We put Emily in goal for the first time and got hit in the face... Adrienne laughed (I think because she is the one who threw it)
The alarm clock went off at 12 AM in the room of Kelsey, Rachel, Emily and Katie... so Kelsey simply just ripped the cord out of the wall.
Rachel found Narnia.
Rachel truly thought the safe was the microwave and she wanted her pizza warm
We convinced Adrienne we couldn't stay in the pool because of the lightning, so instead we went outside and sat in puddles.
At the end of our game, thePrep boys game in dressed like fools. (They were there for the Prep/McDowell game, but we will pretend they were there for us).
One word... GRAPES
Rachel lined her meds up along the side of the pool.
To lower the number of in-and-outs we were goint to have to do, we could all try to touch the flags. None of us could do it so we threw people up to the flags.
We made friends with the boys from Mechanicsburg in the wrestling room at NA.
Alex drove Kelsey's parents, Kelsey and Kate to Olive Garden, and we almost died
Maggie and another girl both got kicked out because they were fighting... neither of them even had the ball.
Rachel made a complete change from one swim suit to another... in the pool!
Emily had dagger toe nails and one girl got out of the pool bleeding.
Coach as Kelsey if people were looking at his butt... how do you respond to that?
Adrienne told Rachel to stop coughing... She stopped coughing but got the hiccups instead.
No matter how badly we we played, our suits were still the best.
Adrienne and Coach were both so made at us that they made us stay and watch the next game. Over half the team cried!
At Kathryn's house, Adrienne turned on the Dust-buster and it was still attached to the base. It took 5 minutes just to figure out how to turn it on.
Kelsey and Rachel were doing James Bond rolls on Kathryn's living room floor.
Also at Kathryn's, Katie's phone went missing... it was found in the bag of Swedish fish.
We kept passing the ball down the pool so Allison could score in the last game of the season.
Christine and Sarah both would not get in the pool for warm-ups and all the parents thought something was wrong.
Christine and her mom, along with Sarah's mom had to help a screaming lady who had been stabbed in the ear at Wendy's.

2007 Remember When....

Central's pool was closed for the first six weeks of the season
Central's pool was closed for an electrical inspection
Jamie H flipped out when she learned who one ref was going to be for the Fairview/Wilson game
Madison fell into the pool and Mr. Fischer jumped in to save her
Tori, Megan, Annie and Carrie's ceiling tiles were moving at the motel, and the front desk clerk thought they were crazy
Tornado warning at Columbus
Adrienne chipped her teeth jumping into the pool
The lost wallets at the Beast of the East
Flew home for homecoming after six games in two days
We slept at Rudy Ruth's house
Amber saw an Amish horse and buggy on the way home
Adrienne had to ask directions at two gas stations and a flea market, and no one knew where we wanted to go
Prep cheered for North Allegheny
The ref ignored Natalie
Overtime with Hill School and only 1 fan in attendance (Yeah, Mr. McKenna!)
State Regional Qualifiers without any fans
Jamie busted her eye in Columbus, therefore leaving us without any subs
Alex wanted to play the Yellow game
Alex thought Wissahichon was really Wissachicken
We played with the football equipment at East/West Crossover
We only needed two hotel rooms for the players
Ate at Fire Mountain
Jamie and Annie took distorted pictures with Adrienne's laptop
Amber failed to get the water sticker off the window and ripped it instead
Annie was convinced there didn't used to be "nouns in the Arabic alphabet"
An Upper Merion girl borrowed a Villa cap from Megan before the Qualifer game
We weren't allowed to wear our polo t-shirts to school
Tori had nine steals in the Upper Merion game and even got kicked out
The Upper Merion game lasted an hour and a ten minutes
There were more coaches than players on the bench
Made "busted eye" go put on her suit at the game because they weren't playing well
Underwear decorations on Mr Sewiecki
Scrimmaged old-timers before the start of the season
Natalie yelled at Russ and almost peed herself
We thought we were going to have to eat lunch at a gas station as punishment for not winning a game
Madison brought up all of Megan's yoga balls from Megan's basement
Ate dinner with a band playing and sang along to their songs
Jamie overslept and she almost missed the Pittsburgh tournament
We all got out of the pool when Mr. Fischer just told Amber to get the water bottle behind the goal
David was our cheerleader
Singing "Don't Stop Believing"
Tori said to the Wilson coach, who was carrying their red water polo balls, "I really like yours balls"
"The Look" by Madison
He Who Walks Alone or Squanto Woodward
The refs loved Adrienne
We had two Amazons on the team
Carrie always got kicked out of the games
We got Laura pumped up for the games by insulting her
Adrienne grabbed a McWho? cap
"Where's Missy?"
Jamie was always on her cell phone with her 2 million boys
Annie put Meghan M. in her place by telling her "she was always the classy one"
The Penn Charter gaolie
Our spirit point game earned maybe 2 points

"One day you will wake up and you won't remember the score of the game, or your won/loss recored. But you'll remember the want. The desire for the game. How you could hardly fall asleep the night before a game. The feeling you got in your stomach during the warm-ups. The way your heart raced just before the whistle blew, and how it was comforting to know that your teammates were there with you, experiencing the same feelings. Your teammates were your best friends, your family, and you will never forget that."
Seven and a half hours to Reading??
Well, that is about how long we took to get there.  It was only suppose to be five and a half hours, but somehow we took "the wrong road".  Our game was suppose to start in 20 minutes and we were still 20 miles away!  We were late for our game because, well, we did not know where we were going.  "We had bad directions."  Mr. Felix made it to Reading in about 5. We left two hours before him, and he was at the pool 10 minutes after us!!! The trip was not an entire waste of time- we got to see EVERY stoplight in Pottsville!! Oh man!!!
WHOOPS...Totalbin was that your head, again?
For some strange reason, there was a magnetic attraction between Totalbin's head and the ball.  Every time we turned around, a yellow ball would be seen bouncing off Sarah's head.  No one ever did it on purpose, but it was ironic that it happened so often.  
A swing and a miss
It is no wonder why our Varsity team was 108 for 385, Rachel and Courtney (LOL) always managed to shoot.......and MISS!!!  Next year we should probably work on the basics like shooting, catching and passing instead of "geting in the tank" and hearing "get up," (whistle), "get up", (whistle), (whistle), (whistle)!!! Just a suggestion!!
Oh my gosh!  Is that Matt Tighe??? Really???
One day we were in the pool doing nothing and practice was becoming exceedingly boring when an unfamiliar man walked into the Central Nadatorium.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity to play a practical joke.  Katie did not have her contacts in so she was an easy target.  Someone enthuastically called out, "Hey, is that Matt Tighe over there?"  Matt Tight was actually at one of our practices?? He never even comes to any of our games.  The situation carried on and Katie was completly convinced.  She almost got got out of the water to go see him, when she realized she had just become the butt of our joke!!
Alerting All.... Jenn has "toe thumbs"
Has everyone heard that Jenn got in an accident and had to have her thumbs replaced with her big toes? This is why she has to wear sandals with only one strap. Her problems makes it difficult to wear flip-flops. This is a hush-hush thing and we have to keep it on the DL, so don't tell your friends, and don't worry, she is okay!!
The Urge for Crispy Creams
Each car ride home from a tournament, it would be imperative to stop either for dinner, to fill up the tank or empty one of our own!!  One stop, Kaitlin ran into the store and bought a dozen Crispy Creams.  The entire way home, she sat in the back seat with the donuts on her lap and NO ONE was allowed to have one.  Who knew gas stations had donuts anyway??
"MAN, We suck!!!"
For the first time, these unpleasant words were not coming out of the mouthes of Villa Water Polo players!  We went down to Pittsburgh for a tournament. We played well and went undefeated.  We were even playing boys!!!, some hairy ones, I might add!!  After one of our games, we overheard one of the boys say, "Man, we suck.  We were beat by a bunch of girls."  All I can say is, "Just wait until next year.  We are going to RULE!!!!!!!!"
"Pat your head...."
....rub your stomach, jump up and down, scream and cry, and maybe we will put in a sub for you.  There were many games where players would get the chance to play, but would become ineffective because they were tired.  That didn't matter.  We do not believe in subs and therefore, even if the game is out of control WE WILL NOT SUB!  Do whatever you want in the water, because you will be in there for a long time.  That was one of our problems this year.  We were highly capable of winning a lot of our games, but fatigue set in.  I think we forgot to read the chapter in "The Water Polo Manuel" titled, "SUBSTITUTION".
2001 You Wish...
you had a four lane pool
Friday's class was optional
you had a new coach every year
you were allergic to Bromine
you had a bathroom club
you body was a giant suit hickey after every game
you had a DQ next door
you had a "Club Administrator"
you played water baseball
you were a girl from "The Institute"
you team is made up of only one class
you had heated benches- oh wait, so do we!
you had land polo practices
you were a CHS
your shirts were outlawed
4 members of your team broke the single season kickout record this year
you spent hours in the Pottsville parking lot making up cheers
your three most important players were ejected, coach yellow carded and the bench red carded all on one game
you won three games and made it to States
you spent all of your free time making up this shirt!
                   2004 Remember When....

We put big rubber bands around our ankles and walked around the pool
We saw head-butting on the video
Mr. Fischer wanted pie
We had a spitball fight with Prep
Adrienne got yellow carded...TWICE and wasn't even playing!
Libby, Molly and Jessica didn't follow room assignments
Gator came our pasta party
We ordered our sweats 1.5 months prior to when they came
We played hide-and-seek in the dark at Mo's
We did well when he had a certain ref
Jenna dressed up as a Prep player at Mo's house, Mal and Rinn almost peed themselves
We ate at the Middlesex Diner
Sophomores versus Juniors in sumo wrestling
We fought each other for pizza at the hotel
Liz and KIm got rear-ended on the way to Pittsburgh
We ate Dutch food
Mal got pulled over next to Central
Sam was told that her fingers were disrespectful
McDowell wore ties and mini skirts
We beat Pottsville
Mo's "look" when see got hit with the ball
Morgan always had something taped
Alexis thought she was a seagull
Mr. Casale's car almost exploded
Kim, Liz, and Jenna were late to practice because Jenna ate grilled cheese
We had team meetings in bathrooms, hallways, cafeterias, or in showers
Bouncy balls are the coolest toys ever!
Mike Casale gave us pointers
We told ghost stories at Nina's
No one came to our car wash
We found our friends from Wyoming Valley West
The cows were too close to the soccer field
Lindsey wanted to call her mom
Mallery laughed when we tried to play "light as a feather, stiff as a board"
Spike and Cuppy broke the sprint records
2003 Remember When....

Anyone still have a copy of theirs?
2005 Remember When

The pool in Ohio drained overnight, so we had to play our games at the country club
We played on the playground at the hotel in Columbus
The freshmen had a sugar high
At our sleepover, the freshmen gossiped
Jenna and Liz were the mafia, and killed Lindsey, who was the cop
Alex Masek pretended she played polo by coming to the sleepover
We had double practices
We did 115 push-up at one practice and we still owe about 115 more
Four players, one coach, and one spectator were kicked out of our McDowell game
Mr. Pol cheered very loud watching us play
The freshmen and some upperclassmen played hide-and-seek at the pasta party
Mrs. Pol made good Villa cookies
Everyone ordered chicken at Cracker Barrel, except Carrie who ate catfish
We did our clap 13 times in a row while waiting for pizza at CV, then when the pizza came we did our clap for the pizza
We played well after we ate pizza
"We don't wear ties"
Liz, Morgan, and Ashley got the bridal suite
When in the bridal suite, people kept disappearing into the mysterious closet
Tori yelled at Tara who yelled at Ashley
Natalie gave Kim a bruise the size of Texas
Seniors wanted CPK
Tori and Laura dropped the goal into the water
Tara's car was swerving because Carrie was writing signs to Tara and holding them in the window. Then Tara would write one back while she was driving.
Amber woud try to cheer us up with quotes like "They might've won the points, but we won the game"
Kathleen said she wouldn't shoot the ball, so did Steph
"Mr. Fischer, there's a tampon in the water"
Our pep rally sucked
More freshmen worked at the car washes than anyone else
Mr. Fischer was sick at States
We had an unsuccessful game of murder in the cabin at the sleepover because everyone screamed
There was a one hour wait to get a massage from Libby
Amber pushed Ashley M into the pool at States and it caused Mal to do a front flip in mid-air, and landed on Ashley S
Ashley, Steph, and Sam peed in the pool before the sprint and some guy came up behind them and tested the water
The seniors' really tall waiter from Applebee's let them announce Mr. Fischer's birthday to the restaurant, gave them two free desserts, and gave them relationship advice.
Mrs. Myr**k flipped out at the Prep guys
Same made the four meter shot with 17 seconds left and we won the game against Lawrenceville
We still owe 50 more in and outs
Lindsey scored the only goal against McDowell
Steph and Mal were fighting with a girl from North Allegheny
We went to States
Missy's Birkenstock clog ended up on the roof of the pool building so we lifted Ashley up to go get it, and she looked like a cat
2000 Remember Whens. . .