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The success of the Villa Water Polo Team is dependent of the hard work of our parents. 
Thank you very much!  We appreciate you.
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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Open Pools & Pre-season Conditioning Sessions

Q.  My daughter has a very demanding schedule this spring/summer. Is it OK if she misses some Open Pools?
A.  Absolutely. The Open Pools are voluntary. No one is required to attend the Open Pools.

Q.  Water Polo is a fall sport in Pennsylvania. Isn't this early to start practicing?
A.  These are not mandatory practices, but voluntary Open Pools.

Q.  Why does Villa offer the Open Pools?
A.  The Open Pools provide a general introduction to the game of water polo for the novice player. For the returning player, the greatest benefit is undoubtedly the polishing of
     skills gained from previous seasons, and to participate in the establishment and development of the team's chemistry. 

Q.  My daughter will be freshman at Villa, she is a good swimmer, and she is considering playing water polo during high school. Will the Open Pools be beneficial for her?
A.  Definitely. Most of our freshman each year have had little, if any, exposure to the game of water polo. The Open Pools provide a glimpse of the demands and requisite
     skills of the game. This insight might make the decision to play water polo a little easier. If her decision is yes, then she is off to a good start when the
     the season begins in mid August.

Q.  My daughter is considering attending Villa in the fall. Can she participate in the Open Pools?
A.  All participants in our Open Pool must have been accepted for enrollement by Villa, and have made their tuition deposit.  However, if your daughter has not yet met these
     requirements, she is welcome to attend the Open Pools and observe. School and PIAA rules prohibit her from actively participating until acceptance and registration
     requirements have been satisfied.

Q.  My daughter attends Villa, is considering playing polo in the fall, but did not play last year. Can she attend these Open Pools?
A.  Yes, definitely.

Q.  My daughter will not be able to attend any of the Open Pools. Can she still go out for Villa Water Polo in August?
A.  Yes. The Open Pools are optional. Obviously she will have missed an opportunity, but she will not be precluded from going out for the team.

Q.  Does my daughter have to sign-up or register for the Villa Open Pools?
A.  No registration is required. Just bring your daughter to one of our sessions and we will take it from there. The Open Pool schedule is posted on the "Practice" page 
     of this web site on the Practice Page.

Q.  Is there a fee for attending the Open Pools?
A.  No, the Open Pools are free.

Q.  What does my daughter need to attend the Open Pools?
A.  She will need goggles, suit, and a towel.

Q.  Can I come into the pool and watch the Open Pools?
A.  Definitely. Parents are always welcome to observe all Open Pools and practices.

Q.  Where are the Open Pools held?
A.  The venue for our spring and summer Open Pools is the new Prep and Villa Events Center (PVEC). This schedule will be published in the early spring of 2016.
     Please be aware that our Open Pool schedule is subject to change. So, always check the web site Practice page to confirm each Open Pool session.

Q.  I have some other questions. To whom should I direct my questions?
A.  If your questions pertain to the Open Pools or the VMA Water Polo program, please contact the coach, Bob Fischer, at or 454-4295. If you have 
     questions regarding Villa Maria Academy athletics, please contact Dan Ek, VMA Assistant Athletic Director at 838-2061 or dan,  or Bill Flanagan, 
     Director of Athletics at
Guide to Understanding the Game of Water Polo
A Spectator's Guide to Water Polo
Version 5.0  Copyright 2006
by Peter W. Pappas, Ph.D.
A comprehensive guide to the game in PDF format. Click here.
Rules of the Game 
NCAA Rules
Thanks to Sharon and Bob McKenna (Ashley, VMA '06 & Tori, VMA '09) 
for establishing the water polo record board currently located at the Villa Center Pool.
SAT and ACT testing dates are included below for your convenience. If your daughter will be a junior or a senior this fall, please pay close attention to these testing dates, and be aware of potential conflicts with the water polo game schedule. 

SAT Testing Dates:

August 25, 2018
October 6, 2018
November 3, 2018
December 1, 2018
March 9, 2019

ACT Testing Dates:

September 8, 2018
October 27, 2018
December 8, 2018
February 9, 2019
April 13, 2019
June 8, 2019
July 13, 2019

Does Your Daughter Dream of Playing Water Polo in College?

Visit the NCAA Eligibility Center
Division I              Division II
Nutrition for Optimal Performance Before, During, and After Water Polo Games
Made available by Helen Agresti, RD of Professional Nutrition Consulting, LLC
A concise, easy to read guide for the athlete.
Click Here to Download
Thanks to the Villa Water Polo "Grammas"
Sue Quinn, Patty Hoffman, Amy Rodriguez and Michele Latzo
These parents of former Villa water polo players manned the Water Polo display table
at the Villa Open House while the team was returning from States on Sunday.

Thank you each for your continuing support of Villa Water Polo and Villa Maria Academy
download 2018/19 Participation Fee and Contract form here
Form submission and payment due date is August 20
Chido's Cleaners, Inc.

Thank you Chido's for professionally dry cleaning our Villa water polo team robes again this year.
Much appreciated!

Comprehensive Initial Pre-participation Physical  Examination (CIPPE)

The PIAA requires all athltets to have passed a physical examination before practicing or competing with any PIAA team as of August 13.
No athlete may try out for the team on August 13 until the completed CIPPE form is on file with school.

This examination must be completed on the PIAA's CIPPE form downloadable here.
The physical exam must be performed on or after June 1, and submitted on the CIPPE form from above.

This examination may be performed by your personal physician, or at another provider such as MedExpress at 5039 Peach Street.

​Kick Off Classic, Saturday, August 25 at the Events Center

The Kick Off Classic is our sole fundraiser each season, and as such is a very important event for the water polo team.
The Athletic Department permits each fall sports team to participate in this event. Each participating team then shares in the net proceeds which are applied to the team annual operating expense budget.
The Villa Water Polo team now requires a parent to serve as our Parent Representative. Duties include attending some of the planning meetigs, and then oversee the Water Polo team's activity. Again this year, the team will be responsible for the Beer Wagons.
The next scheduled meeting is July 24. If you can help, please contact coach at

Annual Parent and Player Organizational Meeting
Monday, August 13, 5:15 PM in the Hagerty Family Events Center Concourse
Tryouts immediately following.